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About Us

Milap is a publisher of fiction and non-fiction for children as well as adults. We also do biographies, current affairs, and books concerning self-help topics. We have been in the publishing business for nearly one hundred years and are continually exploring new formats, genres & mediums. If you’ve got a story, We help you tell it better and reach more people

Milap Publications is an independent publisher based in New Delhi, India. We specialise in a wide range of quality fiction and non-fiction, including biographies, novels, translations, contemporary, kids and adult literature.

Milap has published books in Hindi, Urdu, as well as English. It is a sister concern of India’s largest and oldest national Urdu daily – The Daily Milap.

Milap Publications is at the forefront of the ever-changing publishing industry. Possessing the experience and integrity that publishers require, we publish high-quality books.

In recent years the publishing industry has evolved and has seen a rapid transition from traditional print to digital, media-rich content, resulting in an innovative transformation within the print industry and with instant access to global audiences. We have embraced these latest print-technology innovations and include provisions for digital publishing to multiple e-Book readers globally.

As an independent publisher, we at Milap Publications care about the quality of what we publish, seeking new and original voices, individual thinking and provide exclusive attention to our authors with a personalised marketing strategy for each piece of work. Our commitment is to give each publication the maximum chance for success.

We are currently building our list of titles to be published. So, if you are an existing author looking for more personalised service, a first-time author looking for an experienced publisher, or an author looking to self publish, contact us now!

" You don't write because you want to say something.
You write because you have something to say."

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