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What is Cheetah Press?
Cheetah Press is a publishing platform for authors from around the world. We make it easy for you to create, publish, and distribute your book in Print.

Who owns the rights to my book?
You retain all the rights to your book! We exist to help you reach the market via our distribution partners and act as a publishing label. We work with a non-exclusive publishing agreement meaning, we dont own any of your content and you can even publish it elsewhere if you wish

What is an ISBN and will my book get an ISBN number?
“ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It’s basically a 13 digit identification number that booksellers and libraries use to identify books, magazines, newspapers or other publications. Separate ISBNs are assigned for the paperback, hardbound and eBook versions of your book. “

Can I track how many books I’ve sold?
You can track the sales of your book on your author dashboard. You can see your earnings, track payout and order copies of your book at a subsidised price from your dashboard.

How do I set the selling price of my book?
The selling price of a book is dependent on its production cost. After Cheetah Press communicates the production cost of your book to you based on the Number of Pages, Book Format, Book Size & Book Type you can set the retail price of your book and ascertain the earnings that you would receive on sale of every copy.

How many copies of my book will you print?
Depends on the package you choose

Will I receive post-publishing support?
At Cheetah Press, we strive to keep all our authors completely satisfied with our services. You will receive support from our Author Support Team for all your post publishing queries over e-mail.

How are Author Earnings calculated for print books?
Profit is calculated as the difference between the MRP and expenses incurred during the production and distribution of the book.

Profit = MRP – Expenses (Distribution Cost + Production Cost).

Writers who use Cheetah Press Publishing Platform get 70% of the net profits from the sale of each copy of the book.
Sample Calculation:
Let us assume, the MRP of a book is Rs.100, and the production cost of the book is Rs.30/-.

Now, the profit would be calculated as

Profit = MRP – (Distribution Cost + Production Cost)

Profit = Rs.100 – (50 + 30) = Rs. 20

Rs.20/- would be your earnings per book when sold via, Flipkart and all other eCommerce sites and in retail stores.

Cheetah Press charges a 20% distribution fee on all online store orders to account for Payment Processing and Order Fulfilment Charges.

Profits are calculated as Rs.100 – (20 + 30) = Rs.50
Author Earnings if you have chosen the Cheetah Press Publishing Program (70% net profits):
Cheetah Press Online Store= Rs.35

Other Stores= Rs. 14

How often will I receive my Author Earnings?
Profits from print book sales in India: All print books sold via Indian eCommerce sites are reported on your Author Dashboard as soon as orders are confirmed and determined for each month. Your earnings for each month is paid out within 60 days from the end of the month the sales are reported in.

For example, all sales for the month of January are paid to you in April.

Profits from International print book sales: Print copies of your book are sold via various international eCommerce sites and are updated on your author dashboard every 90 days after accounting for any returns and taxes levied on the book in each geography where your book sells. Your earnings for each month are paid to you in the subsequent month.

For example, all international sales in the month of January are updated on your dashboard in the month of April and the profits from January are paid to you on the 10th of May.

Profits from eBook sales: eBooks are sold across the world by multiple retailers. eBook sales across various retailers and geographies are reconciled and updated on your dashboard every 90 days. Your earnings for each month are paid to you in the subsequent month.

For example, all eBook sales in the month of January are updated on your dashboard in the month of April and the profits from January are paid to you on the 10th of May.

Anything else?
Were doing our best to make publishing as easy as possible. If theres anything else youd like to know, please get in touch with us by emailing us at

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