Unleash Your Child’s creative potential:

It’s exciting when your young bookworm announces his or her plans to be a writer, but children can be a finicky lot: if the adults in their lives are too excited or way too supportive of a new goal, suddenly that creativity is gone.

Rather than bombard them with fancy pens and motivational stories, direct them to the young author’s project at Milap Publications, a healthy sense of competition will ensure that they enjoy the entire book writing process.

You might be thinking to yourself: can children really write novels? Isn’t that better left to older, more experienced writers? The answer, our friends, is no! Anyone can write a novel. You don’t even need to know how to write a novel. You may have to adjust word-count expectations based on age and language skills but trust us: if you let your child free to think and ideate, something awesome will happen.

Publication of the best 30-50 submissions to Milap Publications each year brings genuine affirmation to our young writers, photographers, and artists. Most are between 13 and 19 ( and some even younger with parental permission), while most submissions are from India, we welcome young people from everywhere.

How to submit your work?

Send an email to : lxy@milappublications.com with the following details :

1. Please write a 300-350 word synopsis of your book
2. Please mention if this book includes illustrations and if they are done by the author himself/ herself
3. A short note about your self (100-150 words)
4. Please ensure that all submitted work is original and directly attributable to you and has never been published before, even in an online space.
5. Has the submitted work been edited by anyone? name of editor

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