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About the Book

INSTAMATIC: Suvir Saran, 176 Pages, Colour


Every Chef is an Artist, and Suvir Saran is an artist extraordinaire who has lived his life with his signature passion & enthusiasm. In Instamatic, Suvir shares with us the inspirations behind his art – What drives him to create the culinary masterpieces that have won him popular acclaim and Michelin Stars. He has long been a proponent of Foods ability to transcend countries, cultures and civilisations and bring about a unique ability to heal. In this book, he shares with us his journeys across multiple civilisations from the land of his birth to the land of his karma – and the journeys in – between. We get to share the goings-on in his mind that inspire him, motivate him and drive him to create his art. We can partake of his thoughts and visions that ultimately give rise to his creations.

Through the medium of a simple iPhone, Suvir Saran shows us how to broaden our horizons and humanize one another, one image at a time. These 75 photos and the thoughts that accompany them make us sit up and pay attention to that which we would ordinarily ignore or take for granted. These are mature reflections, poetically expressed, of a profound sensibility, accompanied by images of a world seen beyond the naked eye.

About the Author

Suvir Saran a cook, an author, the educator was the first chef to bring Indian cooking to America. His restaurant Devi was the first Restaurant in the US to get a Michelin Star. He has returned to India and is wanting to set up his base in India now. The book Instamatic are his musings on how travelling through India and various parts of the world are influencing his cooking style.

Viewing the kitchen as both a culinary and spiritual haven, New Delhi-born Top Chef Master Suvir Saran has nurtured a lifelong passion for the traditional flavours of Indian cooking; leading him to become an accomplished chef, cookbook author, educator, and culinary consultant. Saran’s approachable style has helped demystify Indian cuisine in America. His ability to integrate cultures whilst exalting each one’s distinct character has formed American Masala, his culinary philosophy, which celebrates the best of Indian, American, and other world cuisines.

Speaking, teaching, and appearing at thought leadership retreats worldwide; Saran has used food as a bridge to bring disparate peoples and groups together. He embraces the universality of cuisine, its borderless appeal, and its ability to heal where there are wounds and transcend borders where politics and history have created divisions. His storytelling prowess, his voracious appetite for biographies, political texts, and other historical books, along with his travels around the world have given him a unique understanding of complex geopolitical challenges. Using these tools, he makes friends where others would feel out of place and afraid to speak, let alone be noticed. His ability to learn languages easily, his mastery of many cuisines from around the globe and his exposure to people from all corners of the world give him ease in settings that are bursting with diversity. Having always been the other wherever he has made home, he fits in seamlessly, and with food, he warms hearts, wins minds, brings peace, and makes lasting friendships.

Writeups about Instamatic

Frances Mayes

Bestselling author of Under the Tuscan Sun & See You in the Piazza

” Suvir Saran’s images saturate not only the eye with colour but the mind as well. The vibrancy of a marigold-bright farm in a green, green landscape, the smeared reds and yellows felt through a monsoon-soaked windshield, the majestic darken-ings of the sky as evening falls—these images become chances to look and look again at what it means to catch “the life that shares the planet with us,” and to learn “life-altering lessons.” Suvir’s gentle meditations on his archetypal images invite the reader/viewer to find “messages from the rising sun,” messages all around us if we are open to finding them. Click, post, move on—that’s what most of us do. But here we’re stopped, confronted with layers and colours of meaning in the every-day. Each image is a portal: step over it and recover the largess of the natural world, a chance to dance again in the rain “

Dr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament

Bestselling author of nineteen books, both fiction and non-fiction, most recently of The Hindu Way

“ This is a volume to enjoy, and to savour. It opens our eyes for us, helps alter our mind. What greater value can any of us seek from a book?The next time I savour one of Suvir’s signature dishes, I know the taste will be enhanced for me by the knowledge that I am consuming, literally, the work of a man who feels, and who, in this volume, has taught us all to feel as well.”

Rocky Singh

Anchor, Highway On My Plate, NDTV Good Times

Suvir’s images capture the essence of a joyous world. Fleeting, momentary, and connected by one deep chord that defines Suvir: colour. This book represents that deep emotive connect with colour that Suvir feels all the more keenly after his ordeal. His images allow instant access into a moment, and his thoughts associated with that image give an insight into what makes a person what he truly is. Enjoy his song of colour and joy. I did

Vani Tripathi Tikoo

Actor, Producer, Activist

In an ever-changing world of the times in which we Instagram even the food that we eat; comes this gorgeous, almost cinematic, photographic journey from #MasterChef Suvir Saran. Pure delight, as the confluence of sights and sounds from across the world, finds collaboration in this picturesque narrative. Unmistakably the most true-to-its-roots work from Suvir. A gorgeous journey that’s stirs the senses!

Vir Sanghvi

Journalist, TV Anchor; Author, The Gamechangers

Suvir Saran brings his wonderful eye and his creative sensitivity to this collection of pictures and prose. It’s nice to see a great chef apply his talents to other arts as well!

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